The Office of Student Affairs is a comprehensive coordinating organization for student affairs under the leadership of the general party branch of the school, which is responsible for junior college students’, postgraduates’ and undergraduates’ ideological and political education, daily management, awards and loans, student party and league cultivation, mental health education, security and stability, employment and entrepreneurshipet cetera. All of the three full-time college counsellors have master degree or above and have always been adhering to the idea of “working for every single student's lifelong development and cultivating students with joint efforts and from all aspects. All counsellors earnestly perform their duty of managing, educating and serving students. Being realistic and pragmatic and forging ahead, the three counsellors will continuously open up the new prospects of school’s student work.

Address: Office 9301, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, No. 1200, Cailun RD, Pudong New District, Shanghai

Postcode: 201203